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26 - 27 June 2014 in Prague

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Does the world need another open source testing framework?

Building a test automation infrastructure includes the management of a virtualization solution, test management and execution. The test framework covers test results and also domain specific tools and libraries.

At some point, everybody needs a solution for the test automation. This case study covers the most interesting problems we were dealing with during the development of our python based test framework in Avast Quality Assurance department.

Is our solution a generic one or is it useful only in our environment? Should we open source it? Come and help us decide!


Michal Vaněk, Avast, Czech Republic

Michal Vaněk

Michal began to work as a quality engineer at Sun Microsystems on the NetBeans project, later joining the Kenai team where he was responsible for testing of the web front-end. Michal is currently a team lead at Avast Software, in the QA department. where he is responsible for testing of all avast! antivirus consumer products from manual testing to design and development of automated tests, test plan creation and building a test infrastructure for new avast! features.




Petr Chytil, Avast, Czech Republic

Petr Chytil

Petr is the head of the Quality Assurance department at AVAST Software. He started as a tester in the NetBeans Core QA in Sun Microsystem during his studies at Czech Technical University.

Later, he got his masters degree in Computer Science and moved to Sun Cloud Computing, where he was responsible for automated and performance testing of a datacenter virtualization software. After his seven year experience as a Quality Engineer, he moved to his current role of Quality Assurance Director. He is now responsible for the quality of all avast! products.