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26 - 27 June 2014 in Prague

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Drilling for bugs before drilling for oil

When thinking about software testing most people immediately think about office automation. On a daily basis we deal with something completely different. Big machines (cranes, drilling towers, pipelay towers) also have a lot of software and failure of software can have catastrophic consequences. A few years ago Huisman started the software test test team , it started with 1 engineer but now has 23 test professionals spread over Czech Republic, China and The Netherlands.

This year our team in Czech Republic grew and improved significantly. We want to tell you about their challenges, what the consequences of software failures are in our industry, how simulation, innovation and international cooperation are very important for our team.

We believe that our presentation will broaden the view of attendees. We want our presentation to be fun and informative with something to learn for everyone.


Mark Burghout, Huisman, The Netherlands

Mark BurghoutMark Burghout has been active in software testing since 2007 in various industries, ranging from tourism and banking to offshore equipment. Mark is Engineering Lead testing (test manager) at Huisman Equipment.





Jaroslav Reclík, Huisman, Czech Republic

Jaroslav ReclíkJaroslav has been active in software testing since 2013 in offshore equipment. Before Jaroslav had worked as software engineer in industrial sector. This experiencies give him indispensable advantages in his present profession.