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Future of Agile Testing Approach

Traditional ways of executing critical flows for acceptance testing and detailed flows for functional testing by testers can no longer be followed in shortened 3 weeks Sprints period. Typically in 3 weeks Sprint, testing team will literally have only 7 days to use it to maximum extent for testing. With this aggressive duration, two approaches will provide good benefits. First, execution of Automation acceptance test by developers developed by testing team. Second, even the functional testing to be carried out by automation approach. This paper is based on the success story derived at one of leading payment network providers across financial institutions (FI) in North America. Communications across different FI’s are made through one or multiple xml messages. Hence, Automation tool related to API testing is chosen. Test Design effort of testing team is directly used in preparation of automation test suite and datasheet (which covers both acceptance and functional test cases) during the development period. Dev team executes the automated acceptance test cases before handing over to QA to ensure there is no Showstopper issues while testing. With executing detailed datasheet, testers are able to complete execution and validation of cycle 1 with in a day or two, which helps developers to fix the defects in adequate duration. With this approach, we have ensured Sprint delivery always happens on time, less than 5% Sev 1 defects gets leaked to testing, functional testing execution and validation time is reduced drastically. Another advantage is that same scripts can be used for regression and end-end testing with minimal effort. With analyzing defect leaked in dev and SIT graphs, this approach of dev and testing team working integrated proves to be more valuable.


Gowrishankar Sundarajan, Tata Consultancy Services, Canada

Gowrishankar Sundarajan

Gowrishankar Sundararajan has about 8 years of IT experience in Testing Practice. His experience spans across leading Retailers and Payment Network Providers in North America. He has been specialized in Test Consulting, Testing Proposals, implementing Testing Center of Excellence, and Managing Testing Projects across clients in USA and Canada. He is a Certified Scrum Master and Certified Test Manager (ISTQB) and has experience in wide range of projects implemented in different methodology. He is currently working as a QA lead with Tata Consultancy Services, Canada.