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26 - 27 June 2014 in Prague

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How To Suspend Testing And Still Succeed – A True Story

This presentation covers a case study from a large testing program for a member bank which was part of the UK Faster Payments Infrastructure.

Graham will tell the story of a testing programme that was destined to fail, but ultimately succeeded.

He will give practical details of what went wrong, explain why testing had to be suspended, and dis-cuss how with no real hope of recovery the team managed to set and meet their resumption requirements, and ultimately complete their testing on time.

He will explain the background to the project, the testing strategy that was devised and the programme organisational control structure.

He will also tell the story of what happened during test execution. Identify where things started to go wrong, how this was identified, and what measures were taken to ensure a successful resolution.

He will go into the detail of the challenges that the testing team and the program were daily presented with when testing was suspended. And tell how innovation, ingenuity and perseverance, against all the odds, won the day.

This is a real ‘war story’, from the testing front line, with valuable hard won experience, and is told in the very real hope that will benefit all who hear it.


Graham Thomas, United Kingdom

Graham Thomas

I wrote my first computer program in 1978, started working in IT in the early 1980’s, and discovered software testing in the early 1990s since when I have not looked back.

I have wide ranging IT and software testing experience across end users and consultancies, in the public sector, retail, finance, banking, insurance and treasury.

I now work as either a program test manager or implementing testing change. Prior to this I worked as a test manager.

I have twice been a member of the EuroSTAR Program Committee. I also give time to conference programme committees, standards working parties, presentation review panels, and testing award deliberations. And in 2006 I won the BCS SIGiST (UK) Best Presentation award.