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26 - 27 June 2014 in Prague

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JMeter from the Trenches

Performance testing is fighting with obstacles instead of obtaining prerequisites. JMeter is our weapon of choice. It's free and open source, but as usually - freedom is not for free. Many times one has to help himself.

In this presentation I will share experiences from performance testing of important banking applications - mainly internet banking. Thousands of VUs in-house, no license costs. JMeter in use.


Fedor Pavkovček, Erste Group IT SK, Slovakia

Fedor PavkovčekFedor Pavkovček began his professional IT career as Java Developer and later became Team Leader. Three years later he moved flawlessly and unintentionally to performance tests. He found this area more interesting and more challenging.

Fedor and his team prepared and executed performance tests on several banking applications in biggest banks in Slovakia. On new applications extensive tuning was necessary. Now he works for Erste Group IT SK.