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26 - 27 June 2014 in Prague

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Knowing you test really efficiently

How can you ever know that your testing process is actually efficient? There are metrics that seem to be intuitive and logical for measuring this particular aspect of testing but as it is with many things, first look might be deceiving. Do not fall for the simple and easy, take a ride to the forbidden land of properly measured testing efficiency.

We will go through an example that will show you pitfalls of the obvious, lead you around them and provide guidance for definition of metrics which can provide insights for you and upper management as well.

Roman Jurkech, STEST, Slovakia

Roman JurkechStarting his professional career in the software industry in 2000, Roman has worked for such diverse companies as Amdocs, Vodafone, Siemens, Ness, Navteq, Nokia and Protecht in areas of testing and QA. His specialties are test automation and testing in agile environment. He participated in translation of ISTQB Founation syllabus into Slovak and Czech languages. Since 2007 he has been closely cooperating with STEST and recently established Slovak branch of STEST.