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26 - 27 June 2014 in Prague

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Mobile Testers Guide to the Galaxy

The world of testing mobile apps has extended to a galaxy of different platforms and concerns we need to consider if we want to understand the entire eco-system. Developers have had the Mobile Developer’s Guide and the Parallel Guide to help them learn about developing and marketing their apps. The time has come to help you understand how to test your mobile apps.

We will cover key testing challenges across the universe of mobile operating systems, web and native apps, app stores and even mobile analytics. Good Interactive and Automated testing complement each other as we navigate through the galaxy so we will include tips and advice on both.


Julian Harty, United Kingdom

Julian Harty

Julian’s work and projects have led him to a unique mix of companies ranging from Google, eBay and Salesforce, to mobile dating apps, software for the blind, and using mobile technology to improve education in India, Africa, and beyond. He’s an author who’s been published on mobile apps since 2006, including the Don't Panic Mobile Developer's Guide to the Galaxy series, and he's currently finishing another book on testing and test automation for mobile apps. He also participates in conferences and workshops globally.