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26 - 27 June 2014 in Prague

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Natural Born Testers. Are you one? If not, then become one!

Some people seem to be naturally born to test, even without experience or training. They have a set of inbuilt attributes that make them ideally suited to testing. And if you know what these inbuilt attributes are, you can develop, enhance and hone them in yourself to massively increase your own skills in testing.

A natural born tester:

  • Spends their life returning faulty products
  • Is always in the wrong queue
  • Avoids version n.0 (point zero) of any software, knowing already that life is too short
  • Is a fool for the promise of the new
  • Is challenged by an unused feature
  • Invests time seemingly out of all proportion to reward
  • Is often disappointed, and sometimes pleasantly surprised

Through some fun and interactive exercises I will demonstrate the power of these attributes. How they can be beneficial to you. And how to recognise them in yourself. We will look at you how to increase your skills in testing through complimentary (non-test) activities. And we will explore 3 computer games to play that will develop and refine your natural born tester attributes.

The games are:

  • Lemmings: A 1980’s classic. A true multi-tasking parallel programming operating system.
  • Railroad Tycoon: A 1990s simulator game, which taught management, planning & control, all with trains.
  • Angry Birds: Which just must be the best exploratory learning tool available.


Graham Thomas, United Kingdom

Graham Thomas

I wrote my first computer program in 1978, started working in IT in the early 1980’s, and discovered software testing in the early 1990s since when I have not looked back.

I have wide ranging IT and software testing experience across end users and consultancies, in the public sector, retail, finance, banking, insurance and treasury.

I now work as either a program test manager or implementing testing change. Prior to this I worked as a test manager.

I have twice been a member of the EuroSTAR Program Committee. I also give time to conference programme committees, standards working parties, presentation review panels, and testing award deliberations. And in 2006 I won the BCS SIGiST (UK) Best Presentation award.