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26 - 27 June 2014 in Prague

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Partnership possibilities

The CzechTest conference offers 3 basic types of partnership:


1. Sponsors & 2. Exhibitors

Conference Packages for Sponsors and Exhibitors Platinum

(max 1)

(max 2)
Exhibition space (we can provide tables and chairs if required) 12m2 8m2 6m2 6m2
Conference tickets for your staff, including catering 4 3 2 2
Conference tickets for your guests, including catering 3 2 1 -
Your presentation at the conference 45min 20min - -
Roll-up in the primary key notes room Y - - -
Roll-up in the secondary presentation room Y Y - -
Roll-up at the entrance Y Y Y -
Acknowledgement during the Conference Opening Y - - -
Acknowledgement during the Conference Closing Y Y - -
Company profile on A5 in the conference brochure 2 pages 1 page ½ page ¼ page
A4 brochure for insert in the conference pack 6 pages 4 pages 2 pages 1 page
Logo visibility:
Home page of the conference web site Y Y Y -
Sponsors (Exhibitors) page of the conference website including company profile and link to your website Y Y Y Y
Front cover of the programme brochure Y - - -
Sponsors (Exhibitors) list in the programme brochure Y Y Y Y
On all promotional emails Y Y Y Y
Price 3000 € 2000 € 1500 € 1000 €

Please contact us if you would like to sponsor just something specific at the conference (e.g. lunch, coffee break, logo presentation, award ceremony, brochure for insert, conference bag, etc.)


3. Supporting Organizations

We offer different forms of cooperation for organizations promoting or otherwise helping the conference.


All listed prices are without VAT (21%).