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26 - 27 June 2014 in Prague

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Programming for Testers – It is easy!

We hear a lot these days about how testers should learn to code, become more technical, and have more development orientated skills. Unless you came into software testing as a ‘burnt out’ developer, it is unlikely that you have coding skills, or a deep understanding of the technical ins and outs of your current systems landscape.

What can you do about it? Programming is hard? How can you learn to code and still master your current workload, which keeps on relentlessly increasing?

This tutorial will show you how easy it actually is, as a tester, to learn how to program. The hard part is always how to start. We will show you 3 simple steps and get you up and running with Python. You will write the simplest “Hello World” program. However, we will not stop there. We will then show you the ‘next step’, and get you to write more complex programs.

This sound great. But when you are back in the office sitting in front of the screen doing this on your own it will suddenly get much harder. To combat that we will arm you with some of the most useful on-line information available. Someone, somewhere on the planet, has already found the answer to your problem, and most likely created a YouTube video showing you the answer!

And there is more. As a Tester you know that just writing code is not enough. It has to be shown to work. So not only will we write some code, we will ‘Test’ it as well. To make this even more enjoyable, together we will write programs to control a simple USB Robotic Arm, connected to a Raspberry Pi computer, on which we will run and ‘Test’ our code. We Testers can have fun too!

We will conclude by drawing up a personal development plan for how you can continue to develop your Programming skills, and how you can deploy them back in the office.

This session is targeted at Testers, although Developers are also welcome. To participate it is highly recommended that you bring a Wi-Fi enabled laptop that you can; download to, install software on, and edit the Windows path variable.

Each journey starts with a single step. Let us help you take your first programming step today.


Graham Thomas, United Kingdom

Graham Thomas

I wrote my first computer program in 1978, started working in IT in the early 1980’s, and discovered software testing in the early 1990s since when I have not looked back.

I have wide ranging IT and software testing experience across end users and consultancies, in the public sector, retail, finance, banking, insurance and treasury.

I now work as either a program test manager or implementing testing change. Prior to this I worked as a test manager.

I have twice been a member of the EuroSTAR Program Committee. I also give time to conference programme committees, standards working parties, presentation review panels, and testing award deliberations. And in 2006 I won the BCS SIGiST (UK) Best Presentation award.