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26 - 27 June 2014 in Prague

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TDD Demystified

There are very few both developers and testers who have never heard about the test driven development. The idea that sounded suspicious ten years ago has become very popular. As agile metodologies came to the power, testing and writing the code is bound as tight as never before. In that situation TDD concept shows itself in its best. But it need not be so obvious that the TDD is not only about writing huge amount of tests. It is about understanding benefits and costs of the unit testing and early testing in general. This tutorial should give you some clues if the TDD is worth doing. We will discuss it without any prejudices and propaganda phrases. The hardest part of starting with the TDD is to find a good starting point. It is quite common that people want to start but the first objections discourage them and they refuse TDD at all.

Within the tutorial we are going to form groups of two or three and start to build up a simple project using TDD from scratch. We will focus on the advantages of this approach, but we will not close our eyes before all possible pitfalls. You might find there answers to some questions that caused your previous denial of TDD.

Please bring your laptops.


Slavoj Písek, Kerio, Czech Republic

Zdeněk Grössl

Slavoj Písek is a senior developer and development team leader at Kerio Technologies Inc. He has got more than 12 years experience in software developing and testing.

For more than 4 years he has been participating in the implementation of automated testing in the company as a team leader and project leader. Besides, he is an author or coauthor of several articles in IT magazines, and more than 20 books on programming and Information technologies.