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26 - 27 June 2014 in Prague

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Testers, let's stand at the front of agile trenches!

As new new product development is more current than new new, it is more significant that the most important key to success are multidisciplinary teams.

Agile principles say that every team fundamentally needs testers (and let me add 'not just IT teams'). The reality, however, is often cruel. Only few percent of teams have testers fully on board. Even if testers are part of the team, many teams still apply small waterfall in theirs sprints. Testers act mostly at the end of production line.

As we have supported many successful Agile implementation, we have learned how important it is to start with testing as the first step. Should testers talk to stakeholders? If yes, what are the topics for such discussions? What is the role of testers in preparation of a product? How should testers help during planning sessions? Can they help product owners to prepare requirements that are really ready? How can testers teach developers to think about building quality product since the start of sprint? How to estimate effort when testers know nothing about programming and programmers know nothing about testing?

Also, let's talk about organization structures. Flat is the new winner. However, multidisciplinary nature of teams leads to many nests in an organization. Nests which live their own life. Such nests are even on another continent. Are test leaders really unnecessary? What to do about it?

Materialized success at the end depends on a great beginning. The success of agile products depends on testers standing at the front of agile trenches.

Testers, let's stand at the front of agile trenches!


Dušan Kocúrek, ScrumDesk, Slovak Republic

Dušan Kocúrek

Dušan helps with application of Agile, Scrum, Kanban and Lean in daily life. He has designed and supported successful Agile adaptations in dozens of CEE companies and mentored thousand of people in the last five years. He is also founder of Agile@Slovakia community, translates books ("Scrum and XP from Trenches") and is active product owner of ScrumDesk, Scrum project management solutions that helps do scrum correctly.