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26 - 27 June 2014 in Prague

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(Why are we) Still Getting IT Wrong?

In this year of 2014, it is more than five decades since the development of computer applications for use in business became widespread. After all of this experience, projects are still going live late / over budget / buggy or, sometimes, not even making it into production at all. How can this be?

In this presentation, Richard Taylor looks at some of the reasons for this, and suggests ways in which testers can push to eliminate them.


Richard Taylor, STEST, Czech Republic

Richard TaylorRichard has been an IT practitioner for more than 30 years as developer, systems and business analyst, project leader, test manager and test consultant. Since 1992 he has specialised in the conduct and management of software testing.

Richard helped to develop the UK's Foundation and Practitioner Certificates in Software Testing. Then he contributed to its ISTQB replacement and to the Glossary of Software Testing Terms that accompanies it.